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Become an Affiliated Center

For people who cannot pay online, via checks, bank transfer, or Western Union, we have made arrangements with agents and other affiliated centers around the world.

The London Academy of Management and Business ensures sustainable development by building a network of partnerships with accredited centers.


London Academy 1  is honored to support agents and affiliated centers around the world by giving them a percentage for every student registration.

We also allow the affiliated centers to put The London Academy's seal on their certificates in exchange for certain fee.

 To be considered an affiliated center, the center must be:

  • Accredited by a recognized accreditation organization
  • Compatible with national educational institutions standards
  • Singed the agreement with The London Academy

 Why to be Accredited?

We strongly recommend the educational centers to become accredited for several reasons:

  • Ensure a sustainable high level of education
  • Accredited status means you are accredited and have recognized certificates
  • Gain a high reputation, thus attracting more students
  • Ensure educational and financial growth

International Intelligent Education Accreditation

London Academy 1 is honored to be one of the first academies accredited by the International Intelligent Education, which is one of three main international accreditors of Distant Learning and Online Education in the world. Additionally, the one is marked by issuing the newest standards.

For queries and details of fees, please send an email to 

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